5 Reasons to add Green Tea in your Diet

Living a healthy life with the consumption of best possible diet adds value to the overall development of body.  The value of food increases, if we add right ingredients in the diet. People nowadays have become more conscious of their health with the inclusion of daily exercises and Green tea. The young and aware population is now opting for the best products in the market. However, depending upon the demand and needs at the same time with right choices becomes the most significant factor. Thus, the green tea which can save your time as well as can be consumed anywhere, anytime becomes the most essential factor. Let’s talk about the benefits of Green Tea first:

  • Reduce weight:

Green Tea works magically while not compromising with the food you love to eat. However, overeating should be avoided at the maximum. The benefits of green tea works phenomenally and makes you feel like a feather with regular use. The green tea helps in cutting down your fat produced while consuming oily food, trans-fat rich food, food high on sodium etc.

  •  Keeps mind and heart alert and healthy:

       Green tea acts as a refreshing drink which once added refreshes the mind and heart and fills the body    with energetic mood. When one tastes a sip of green tea depending upon the flavor he/she wishes, the dopamine is released in the brain which makes you feel more contended and happy at the same time.

  •  Acts like a detox:

The human body itself is a system of detox. It cleanses out the toxins from the body on its own. However, the body may not be 100 % efficient to clear the toxins completely out from its body. The external-detoxification thus, becomes essential. One such way is through the use Green tea which not only helps in detoxifying but also helps the body to regain its original shape.

  •  Glowing skin and reduces signs of ageing:

The regular input of green tea in diet helps in filling the pores of skin and removing wrinkles that becomes visible from the very early age. Green tea freshens the skin to such an extent that even the fine lines are removed without opting for any artificial facial treatment.

  •  Treats Digestive disorders:

The green tea helps in treatment of digestion and its related problems. Mostly people are nowadays dependent upon the easy and fast way to cook and get served but they didn’t realize the fact that fast cooking and eating can trouble their stomach and causes to suffer from multiple diseases. The diseases can be cured or sometimes even difficult. In that case, green tea helps in overcoming and fighting against such issues due to its property of detoxification and catalyst to digestion.

The health benefits of green tea has led to increase in the number of consumers, but it’s the smartness of buyer to select the best green tea. One such available product is GreenFit Green tea and herbal drink, available in 7 Flavors. This green tea will but help in enjoying your favorite cuisines without much worries about its outcomes.

The 7-flavors of GreenFit are as follows:

  1. Vitality Herbal Mix
  2. Tulsi
  3. Masala
  4. Lemon Honey
  5. Jasmine
  6. Mint
  7. Natural Green Tea

The unique characteristics of GreenFit Greentea cups are:

  1. Refillable
  2. Convenient
  3. Hygienic

Just Pour Hot water and your cup of healthy green tea is ready…..

You may refill the cup up to 3 times within 8 hrs. for maximum health benefits.

GreenFit Green Tea is infused in …


·Wax free;

·Adhesive Free, and

·Refillable paper…. Cups…

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