6 Super reasons to drink green tea this summers

6 Super reasons to drink green tea this summers

With the scorching sun rays blazing above and the constant sweat trickling down your forehead, you really need something to cool you off internally! On such days, most of us automatically reach for a cold beverage like lemonade, juice and cold drinks, but do these actually calm you down?
Well not to sound too biased, they do give a moment of respite but that’s just a passing moment! Cold beverages weaken your immune system and make you loose your appetite. So why not try for an alternative?
Have you heard of drinking hot green tea during summer? Bet you have! Yet, you are in a dilemma as to how can something already hot cool you down on a hot sunny day? You may be surprised to learn that a cup of hot green tea may prove more refreshing.
Ever heard of Japanese drinking hot natural green tea during summers? It is a said fact in Japan that hot green tea is perfect for a hot season.

    • Humid summer heat exhausts us, making us eat less and thereby reducing our appetite. As a result our body looses important vitamins and minerals. Green tea contains a great deal of vitamins and minerals, at the same time you can keep yourself hydrated.


    • A cup of green tea causes the body to sweat and helps to lower the body temperature. It helps your body to relax, thereby making you feel less hot. Even though it a warm drink, green tea cools your body down.


    • Another welcome benefit of drinking green tea during this summer is that it protects our skin from harmful UV rays as it contains catechins a powerful antioxidant that can absorb UV light and help improve skin’s resistance to it.


    • Green tea during summer can improve the elasticity and density of the skin, which in turn can help reduce the risk of skin damage.


    • Many of us wish to look our best for summer and it just so happens that green tea is a well known natural slimming aid. When consumed together with regular exercise.


    • Additionally different types of Green tea contains three times as much Vitamin C than Spinach and also boosts your immune system.

Now you understand how great it is to drink hot green tea during the hot season?
Together lets raise a Toast with some hot best Green Tea and say Cheers to Summer’s with a Healthier, Happier, and Slimmer You!
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