9 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Jasmine Green Tea

9 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Jasmine Green Tea

With so many Green tea flavours (Mint, Lemon Honey, Tulsi, Masala, and Vitality) on your plate, here’s another one to soothe not only your body, but your mind and spirit too! The Jasmine Flavour Green Tea!
This tea has a delicate and subtle flavour profile with a sweet floral, fresh finish and a perfumed aroma.
Jasmine is the best green tea has an impressive history and is an essential element in Chinese culture. Chinese have developed the blend of green tea with jasmine for its beautiful essence and great health benefits of green tea.

  • A good weight loss tea: Everyone is looking for a secret to reduce their weight easily and quickly, Jasmine can be a good addition to any diet as an aid in weight loss.
    Perhaps the most praised aspect of this tea is the high level of antioxidants in this beverage that boosts up the metabolism.
    A faster metabolism means your body can process nutrients and micronutrients (like fat and protein) quicker leading to weight loss.
  • Protecting immune system: Jasmine helps to protect the immune system as it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Sipping this tea regularly can help in strengthening the immune system and lowering the risk of many chronic diseases.
  • For a healthy heart: Maintaing a healthy heart means you not only live longer, but you have a better quality of life. The catechins found in this Green Tea inhibits the oxidising process, lowering the blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
    It helps keep your heart pumping optimally and limit the risk of dangerous heart diseases and expensive surgeries by lowering the LDL cholesterol ( Bad cholesterol).
  • Fights against Diabetes: The ability to metabolize glucose is the fundamental mechanism that causes diabetic conditions. In the fight against diabetes, Jasmine has shown itself to be a valuable tool.
  • Green Tea Skin Benefits: because of high concentrations of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, Jasmine can help promote beautiful and a healthy skin.
  • A Relaxant: one of the most powerful and simple health benefits is obtained from its delightful aroma. Our mood largely depends on our five senses and this green tea directly works on those five senses to help the body release chemicals that allow us to naturally relax and improve our mood.
  • Beneficial for the digestive system: It has a very positive effect on multiple areas of health including the gastrointestinal system.
    They activate a number of intracellular antioxidants which interact well with the gastrointestinal enzymes and initiate a healthy bowel function.
    Hence, by adding it to your normal diet can improve your digestion and lead to healthy stomach.
  • It is Anti-inflammatory: Chronic rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain become common in senior people, and Jasmine Green Tea can function well in this regard. The Anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce swelling and inflammation of joints.
  • Prevents cough and cold: It can provide relief in common cold, flu, and constant coughs. Because of its soothing property and a powerhouse of healing, drinking warm tea will help to treat cough and cold.

Whether you prefer your tea hot or iced, sipping Jasmine GreenFit Green Tea is just as great for your body as it is pleasing to your taste buds.
You can also buy Green Tea online which is surely going to leave you with a calm and positive effect and keep you stress-free!
Adding Jasmine into your regimen with just a cup of green tea or two a day can help you line a healthy and a happy lifestyle!

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