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in liquid and light refreshments…

Tea is tea. People generally said for centuries. A beverage that gives a toxic kick to refresh, supposedly.

A cup is a cup. People said that too. Drink it, wash it with chemicals and reuse it. Wasting water and impacting with pollutants!

Our startup, stood up to challenge the assumptions and has redefined the way we all should drink tea – A disposable cup that contains tea.

Drink your tea. Enjoy it. Dispose-off this cup of green tea without the guilt of affecting the environment. GreenFit Green Tea cup epitomizes hygiene, no-fuss, cup by cup gratitude to the mother earth. We believe that the aroma, flavor, and taste should heighten the health benefits for you. You need to Be Fit. GreenFit.

Our team presents you:

  • Refreshing SimpliciTEA
  • Exclusive DisposibiliTEA

Beyond playful words, we are committed to a playful life. Your life!

Call it reinventing the way we drink tea or re-packaging benefits to your health and a duty towards mother nature with cup of green tea. We bring you vitaliTEA through the brew. Academic brilliance, enriching entrepreneurship, youthful vigor and matured professionalism form the foundation of this rapidly growing start-up with business spread growing beyond the boundaries of India.

Soon, the way you receive and serve your friends and guests will change. Trust our R&D. Trust our creativiTEA…

Your Health, Our Promise…

green tea cup

Green Tea Cup, Cup of green tea