About Us:


HBPL is a young company blending convenience with the finest of green tea and GRANULE based flavors, with the brand name GREENFIT. Academic brilliance, enriching entrepreneurship, youthful vigor, and mature professionalism form the foundation of this rapidly growing start-up with business spread growing beyond the boundaries of India. We are the leading Green tea Cup manufacturers in Delhi, one of the biggest green tea suppliers in India.



Our team presents you:

Refreshing SimpliciTEA

Exclusive DisposibiliTEA

GreenFit Green tea Cups – A guilt-free and healthy indulgence, for you. GreenFit’s ready to use Green Tea CUP is BIODEGRADABLE, WAX Free, ADHESIVE FREE, FOOD GRADE CUP AND INFUSED WITH GRANULE BASED FLAVORS.

Just pour hot water and enjoy your cup of green tea.

Each cup can be refilled with hot water up to three times…during the day.

Redefining the way of drinking tea, we present pure and  granules based flavors blended with the finest green tea in seven different flavors :

Mint| Tulsi| Masala| Vitality (Herbal Drink)| Natural green tea| Jasmine| Lemon honey

We provide our customers with the absolute best and wholesome green tea sessions every time.  GreenFit embodies the fact that fine quality of leaves creates health and this is what we lead by. Throughout the making of GreenFit green tea, good care is taken to preserve the natural nutrients and qualities of the fresh leaves so you can raise some cheers to a healthier tomorrow and a healthier you. Our all ingredients & derivatives are from Mother Earth and so with sincere gratitude, we pay strict adherence to environmental responsibilities around us. All operations of GreenFit are green safe and sustainable.


GreenFit Instant green tea cups,  are the most convenient, hygienic, refillable, biodegradable, wax-free, and adhesive-free along with food-grade cup, printing, and membrane.

FILL IT, REFILL IT, DISPOSE IT without the guilt of affecting the environment… We believe that the aroma, flavor, and taste should heighten the health benefit for you.

A healthy and easy way to Boost Your Immunity.  The ready to use self-sufficient green tea cup works whenever and wherever you desire.  Stock up green tea cups into your kitchen cabinets or office pantry.

Just pour hot water in the cup of green tea  and green tea is ready to serve. They are ideal to carry outdoors, on holidays, while traveling or even for everyday use. The cups instantly brew the tea once the hot water is poured into it.

Soon, the way you receive and serve your friends and guests will change. Trust our R&D. Trust our creativiTEA…

-With love

Team GreenFit!