Tulsi – A Potent Adaptogen

Tulsi – A Potent Adaptogen

Tulsi is an aromatic shrub in the basil family lamiaceae, and is commonly known as the incomparable one or the queen of herbs and is revered as an elixir of life. Within India tulsi is adopted into spiritual rituals and lifestyle and provides vast array of well being. Science and Ayurveda’s both suggest that tulsi is a tonic for the body mind and spirit that offers solutions to many modern problems.
Tulsi in taste is bit hot and bitter and helps in normalizing kapha and vata by penetrating into deep tissues and dry tissues secretions. Tulsi has some special benefits like giving luster to the complexion, sweetness to the voice, fostering beauty , stamina and intelligence. It also plays a vital role in treatment of anxiety, cough, hiccups, asthma, gastric disorder, back pain, skin diseases, insect and snake bite, malaria etc.
Tulsi plant has therapeutic properties as it contains ursolic acid, carvacrol acid, eugenol, orientin, luteolin, vicenin, apigenin, and other flavonoids. So, on boiling tulsi in water these phytochemicals get dissolved in water and thus makes it rich and therapeutic.  A mix of natural green tea with this magical ingredient tulsi gives plethora of benefits.

Benefits of Tulsi Green Tea

  • Acts as ANTIMICROBIAL : Tulsi has high anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-viral qualities because of high specific flavonoids. Terpenoids, and phenolic acids, like lineolic acid. It helps in reducing inflammation caused in human body due to pathogens and helps in relieving from bacterial, fungal and viral infections in the respiratory, dermal, dental, urinary and digestive system.
  • Relieves Insomnia Anxiety & Stress : One of the most common issue these days is stress which leads into insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Green tea helps in calming you down as it has flavonoids which work as an antidepressant and also releases the production of neuro-transmitters which reduces anxiety and stress. Tulsi flavor green tea also regulates your sleep cycle and helps in memory boost up.
  • Regulates Blood Pressure and Protects Heart well-being : Tulsi has cardioprotective properties because of ursolic acid derivatives present in it. The phytochemicals in the tulsi reduces the free radicals present in the blood and prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessel walls.
  • Solves Respiratory Issues : Tulsi helps in curing breathing issues such as asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, cold and cough. Drinking hot to lukewarm tulsi tea frequently helps in maintaining good respiratory health as it has an anti-inflammatory phytochemicals like camphene and cineole.
  • Helps in Digestion and Weight Loss : Tulsi helps in the stimulation of the gastric juices to help in digestion of the food intake. It has an anti – ulcerogenic property which helps in inhibition of pepsin and lipid and also in secretion of gastric mucin and mucous. Tulsi also reduces the cholesterol level because of its hypolipidemic action.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties : Components of tulsi such as apigenin, rosmarinic acid, eugenol etc. have an anti-inflammatory property which helps in inhibition and production of pro inflammatory compounds like cyclooxygenase-1 in human body. Incorporating tulsi herb green tea in your diet helps in curing inflammatory disorders like arthritis, diabetes type 2, asthma, sinus, migrane and other such common diseases.

Tulsi an “elixir of life” proves how important and beneficial is to incorporate tulsi in your daily life. Drinking at least two to three cup of tulsi herb green tea a day can bring about a sea of change in your body. It’s high time you fought the occupational and lifestyle disorders by taking a wise call.
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