Blend of miraculous herbs: Jasmine Green Tea

Brain Health, Fight aging, weight loss, heart health, and what not, are a few of the amazing benefits of the Jasmine flower. Then how do we add these benefits to our lifestyle?

Well, the answer is simple, make it a tea. Keeping all the miraculous powers of Jasmine and the magic of green tea leaves, Greenfit has come up with a signature Jasmine Greenfit natural green tea. We all know, green tea is a rich source of anti-oxidants and the equivalent power of Jasmine is a boost to its richness. Jasmine blossoms are not only known for their aroma but also their dose of antioxidants, fighting harmful free radicals in our body that can cause aging and even heart disorder. It also helps to combat digestive issues, heart problems, high blood sugar levels, and hygiene problems, among other things.

How to make a perfect Jasmine tea blend?

Sounds typical, but not so typical. Greenfit makes your way easier towards a healthy lifestyle. Greenfit green tea Jasmine flavour has the finest tea leaves base. Jasmine blossoms for this variety are harvested in spring, but tea experts wait for the Jasmine flower to be in full bloom in summers. Green tea and jasmine flower are blended multiple times so that the mix is thoroughly infused with the scent of the flower. Greenfit is committed to providing you the best and authentic experience in the green tea segment.

Health benefits of green tea!

Let’s shed some detailed light on the benefits of Jasmine green tea. Experts say, it has a certain amount of caffeine that stimulates the brain and releases mood-enhancing neurotransmitters like dopamine, which makes you feel relaxed and attentive. Earlier said, double power antioxidants in Jasmine green tea also helps us fight against harmful free radicals and slows down aging. Miraculous Jasmine also contains a chemical called Catechins and also has caffeine in it. Both these factors help us improving our metabolic rate and faster digestion, a faster metabolic rate helps in burning fat and thereby helps in weight loss. Last but not the least, the polyphenols found in the Jasmine flower helps in cutting bad cholesterol and therefore, can prevent heart health.

Our commitment

Greenfit is committed to provide the best health benefits with the miracles of nature. Different resources have different benefits, a perfect blend of green tea befits all. Greenfit offers several variants among the green tea segment, which has countless health benefits. We are also obliged to show our gratitude to mother-nature by using a hundred percent biodegradable, refill and reusable teacups. Most important of all is hygiene, we use food-grade paper and printing to make wax free and adhesive-free cups. We ensure to serve you the most convenient way towards a sip of green tea.

Your convenience, our effort!

Just Pour Hot water and your cup of healthy and hygienic green tea is ready …

You may refill the cup up to three times for maximum health benefits. Green Tea infused in a ….

  • Biodegradable
  • Wax free
  • Adhesive Free
  • Refillable paper cup

We present pure and  granules based flavors blended with the finest green tea in seven different flavors :-

Jasmine| Lemon honey | Mint| Tulsi | Masala| Natural green tea | Vitality (Herbal Drink)

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