About GreenFit Green Tea

Is there wax in the cup like other paper cups?

No, these are wax free cups made of ITC Paper which is a certified food grade and wax free paper specially designed for use in the food and beverage industry

Is the printing food grade?

Yes, GreenFit conforms to the highest food standards of the industry and uses only food grade odourless inks for printing its cups

Which adhesive is used in the making of the Green Fit paper cups?

Our paper cups are adhesive free. There is no adhesive used in the making of our cups.

What is the membrane inside that holds the tea?

The membrane used inside the GreenFit green tea cup is a food grade membrane.

Will the membrane dissolve or come out when I pour hot water?

It will neither dissolve nor come out once hot water is poured and tea is prepared.

Which adhesive is used to paste the membrane to the cup?

We use an innovative non-adhesive technology where the membrane gets attached to the cup without the use of any adhesive

Which tea is being served in GreenFit cup?

We source our organic green tea from Assam which passes the utmost tests and standards.

How is GreenFit tea cup different from any other Green Tea Bag?

Unlike tea bags where oil or water based flavoring is required, our Green Tea is uniquely flavored using granules which are formed by freeze drying the drops of natural liquids of tulsi, lemon or other flavors  to form crystals or granules. These granules dissolve when in contact with hot water and provide you a perfect blend of taste with maximum natural benefits. Green Fit green tea cups should be reused 2-3 times for maximum health benefits.

What are the certifications of GreenFit Green Tea?

We have all the necessary certifications required as per the FSSAI and Food Safety Standards.

What is the shelf life of GreenFit Green tea cups?

GreenFit Green tea cups has a shelf life of 12 months from the month of packaging.

Can the GreenFit Green tea cups be reused?

A cup of Green Tea has around 110 antioxidants out of which around 30 are released when it is brewed the first time. Upon refilling our cup the second time, around 60 more antioxidants are released during second brewing. Thus for maximum health benefits, our cups should be refilled or reused 2-3 times within 12 hours. This is the modern way of drinking Green Tea unlike the old Tea Bags or tea pouches.

Can you send me some samples and coupons?

At this time, we are not distributing free samples or coupons for our products.  Keep an eye on our Facebook Page here for any special offers we may have. You may also join our SmarTea Club for latest offers and promotional events.

I have heard that green tea contains no caffeine, is that true?

No, green tea is not caffeine-free.  A brewed cup of Green tea has slightly less caffeine than a brewed cup of black tea (45 milligrams vs. 55 milligrams).  Caffeine content of any tea is highly dependant on the preparation method, brewing time, the amount of tea leaves used.

What are the benefits of HOT brewed Green Tea?

Green Tea helps maintain health and hydration. To help maintain hydration and health nutrition experts from the Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake (AI) for women is approximately 9 cups (2.2 L) of fluids every day and for men is approximately 13 cups (3.0 L) of fluids every day.1,2 Since tea without added sugar or milk is 99.5 percent water, it can count towards your liquid intake for the day – with an exquisite taste.