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It has been long speculated that green tea possesses a host of health benefits. Could thispopular hot beverage actually be good for your mouth? Green tea may well be a treat for your taste buds but it also serves benefits for the rest of your oral cavity as well.

Here are five ways GreenFit GreenTea may benefit your oral health.

• Cavity prevention: Because Green Tea controls bacteria and lowers the acidity of saliva and dental plaque, it may be a useful tool in preventing cavities.
• Better breath : GreenFit GreenTea has been associated with better-smelling breath. Likely because it kills the microbes that make our mouths stinky.GreenFit Green tea outperforms mints and chewing gum.
• Gum Health:GreenFit’s Anti-inflammatory benefit seem to help control periodontal (gum) disease.
• Fights Tooth Decay:EGCG, type of Anti-Oxidant usuallyfound in GreenFitGreen Tea, helps to reduce the growth of bacteria in the mouth that leads to cavities. EGCG is one of several “catechins” in green tea, that make green tea so great for your overall health.
• Reduces oral Cancer Risk:There are many known risks for oral cancer, from smoking to not eating enough vegetables. As it turns out, GreenFit Greentea could potentially help reduce the risk of oral cancer and may even work to fight the cellular changes that cause this disease.
Although Green Tea does contain caffeine, it has far less caffeine than coffee and there are even natural components in GreenFit Green tea that offset the “nerves and jitters” and can actually produce a calmer state of mind.
If you are looking to improve your oral health then a cup or two of GreenFit Green tea is something you should consider adding to your daily diet. Aside from healthier teeth and gums you might even lose a few pounds–a good reason to smile!

GreenFit Team

GreenFit Team

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