Green Tea or Black Tea: Which Is Your favourite Tea?

Green Tea or Black Tea: Which Is Your favourite Tea?

Tea being the most widely consumed beverage next to water is loved by people all over the world. A healthy day starts with a healthy cup of green tea or black tea.
Both green tea and black tea are made from the leaves of camellia sinesis plant. Difference between the two is that black tea is fermented whereas green tea is not, in each case the amount of antioxidants differs because of the oxidation process.

  • To make black tea, the leaves are first rolled and then exposed to air to begin the fermentation process, causing the leaves to turn dark brown which heightens and intensifies the flavour.
  • On the other hand, green tea does not undergo the fermentation process, and thus is much lighter in colour than black tea.

Both the teas are rich in a group of protective Antioxidants called Polyphenols. They both contain flavonoids. However green tea contains much higher amount of flavonoids than black tea bestowing better health benefits of green tea.

  • Green tea is rich in the powerful antioxidant ECGC (epigallacotechin-3-gallate) which is destroyed in black tea during the fermentation process.
  • ECGC is likely responsible for many health benefits of green tea.
  • ECGC in green tea can reduce the multiplication of cancer cells, and has also shown to reduce the development if fatty liver.
  • Studies have found that drinking 1-3 times of natural green tea can reduce the risk of heartattack as compared to at least 3 times consumption of black tea.

The key active ingredient is Caffeine, which is known as a stimulant. Though both contain caffeine, black tea usually has more, making green the better choice for people sensitive to this stimulant.
Green tea and black tea both contain an Amino acid L-theanine, which is not present in coffee.

  • This antioxidant is thought to balance the effects of caffeine,which is more in green tea than black tea.
  • Green tea has better antioxidant profile than black tea, but black tea is better if one wants a powerful caffeine buzz.
    “Green tea leaves are good for afternoon breaks and meditation in the evening.”
  • It is less acidic and so washes off the acidic waste, while black tea is more acidic and will require lemon to kill the acidity.
  • Green tea has shown to boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning in the short term.
  • It creates a detoxifying effect, giving glowing skin, along with many other skin benefits of green tea.

Green tea does more than just keep you awake, it makes you smarter.
Be Smart, Consume Green Tea!

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