Greentea benefits for Hair

Hair fall is one of the most common problems these days, people are often found complaining of premature hair fall, hair greying, dandruff, and balding. Stats show more than 60% of the Indian population are suffering from hair issues. Everyone desires healthy and shiny hair and is even willing to spend a lot of money but very few realize the importance of a healthy diet, routine, and exercise. We often ignore what we are consuming and how it is going to affect our body, which eventually leads to toxins and scarcity of nutrition in our body.

Women or men, everyone seeks healthy and shiny hair and which is not much to ask for! but in our daily fast life routine, we don’t get enough time for self-care. An unhealthy diet, pollution, poor routine, and stress could be one of the many reasons for your hair problems. Worried? Fret not, adding green tea to your diet would be a magical spell.

However, you may wonder how it works? So let’s find out why green tea works well for hair loss and the hair benefits of green tea.

Adds Vitamin B to your diet: Green teas are a powerhouse of nutrients and it has an abundant resource of Vitamin B. Most of us know, how essential is vitamin D for our hairs but we forget to add such essential nutrients to our diet. Vitamin B also helps in improving hair thickness and split end.

  1. Controls hormonal imbalance:

Many researchers believe that green tea has essential elements which may help you fight hormonal imbalances. Two major hormones, Testosterone and Dehydrated Testosterone (DHT), excess of these two hormones block hair growth and may also lead to hair fall.

Green tea contains an abundance of essential minerals and natural anti-oxidant called Catechins, which helps to reduce DHT level and hence helps to prevent hair fall.

  • Antibacterial and Anti-infective:

Several natural compounds found in green tea has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property. Drinking green tea helps you reduce internal inflammation if any whereas if applied directly over the scalp it also helps to fight unwanted bacterial or fungus parasites and prevents hair loss.

  • Supports hair growth:

Green tea is rich in a certain type of polyphenol called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). According to a study from researchers, EGCG helps reducing toxin levels inside the body, promotes and nutrient supply and is found to be very effective in hair growth.

  • Boost Nutrient Delivery:

Hair is a part of a much larger system, called the integumentary system. It majorly includes nails, skin, and hair. It very typical process of our body to provide nutrients to these parts and a poor supply of nutrients leads to hair and scalp problems. Antioxidants such as EGCG help promoting blood flow and oxygen supply throughout our body, which eventually helps to provide good nutrition to our scalp and hair.

Our commitment:

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