Know the difference between Black tea, Green tea and Herbal tea

Know the difference between Black tea, Green tea and Herbal tea

The love for the consumption of tea can be traced back to the hundreds of centuries. Unsurprisingly, It is still a staple in every household and is consumed on a regular basis. Whether it is morning wakeup cup or evening break time beverage, tea holds a special place in our day-to-day lives.
Years back this beverage saw the entry of its famous counterparts- black, and green tea. With the changing times the world seems to have gravitated towards more organically and nutritiously rich substitutes of conventional food and beverages. This is where the era of green tea comes in. Since then, green tea is fondly consumed and loved making it a beverage that is here to stay.
It’s loaded with antioxidants that have many health benefits, which may include:

  • improved brain function
  • fat loss
  • protecting against cancer
  • lowering the risk of heart disease

( As corresponded by Healthline)
Today, markets are flooded with black, green tea, and herbal teas and it is time to know the key differences these teas hold, so the next time you go out shopping you pick up the right match for yourself.
Green, and black tea originate from the same plant which is known as ‘Camellia sinensis’. This is an evergreen shrub largely found in the mountainous region of East Asia such as India, China, etc.
The difference between the two teas is the way they are treated once the leaves are harvested.
If the natural oxidation of the leaves is stopped via quick steaming or heating the leaves, the resultant is green tea. While on the other hand for black tea the leaves are intentionally exposed to oxidation before being dried. The leaves are crushed and torn for oxidation which slightly lowers the amounts of flavonoids the black tea will contain. Flavonoids help to keep your body away from everyday dirt and toxins.
Since, green tea does not undergo complete oxidation, it retains most of the nutrients naturally found in it. Green tea is rich in EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), a powerful antioxidant that helps in fighting/curing various diseases/ailments as it increases immunity of the body. It also contains polyphenols, another variety of antioxidants that help reduce risk of heart disease.
Another important quality of green tea is that it contains a very less amount of caffeine in comparison to black tea.
Powerful combination of caffeine and antioxidants results in reducing risk of major diseases. It also increases focus, alertness and at the same time calms your body down.
Perfectly brewed cup of green tea hence is a good source of nature’s goodness. With some twist in taste green tea are also available in array of flavors. Mint, Masala, Tulsi, Jasmine and  Lemon honey. These enhances the health benefits and flavors of natural green tea.
Kindly refer to the tea market analysis, the black tea segment generated the highest revenue in 2018 and is expected to remain dominant throughout the forecast period. This can be attributed to rise in the number of tea drinkers worldwide. However, the green tea segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR throughout the forecast period. This can be attributed to rise in awareness about health and fitness and a rise in the number of educated tea consumers.
On the other hand black tea is acidic and for reducing its acidic level it is advisable to add a few drops of lemon to it. Majorly green tea scores more on the health meter. However, black tea still is beneficial to the body.
Coming to the herbal tea  is not a tea but just a herbal infusion  It is free from caffeine unlike other teas.  If green tea is not your personal taste preference herbal teas can be your next option. Greenfit vitality herbal drink  is a healthy, all natural and convenient option to get daily dose of nourishment. It boosts body metabolism, improves digestion, fights cold, reduces inflammation, and relieves stress & anxiety.

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