Manage your lifestyle during Covid-19 with Nutrition and Balanced diet!

“God resides in healthy body, because body is a temple.” But not every human-body is a temple and not every human body is the residence of god. Well, one can definitely make the body a healthy place. External factors do play an important role in keeping body appear as healthy and clean however, internal factors make body healthy as well wealthy. Because if Brain is healthy then, it can empower the world with smart efforts. The lifestyle today is based on ready to cook food, which is also a matter of great concern. The intake today, impact the function of body tomorrow, so one must also be ready in advance to take proper care of health. Stomach is not a garbage collector, it’s the processor of the right nutrition at the right time in an adequate quantity. However, mostly people don’t realize the fact that if they take care of themselves at 20s, it will help them to be fit at their 60s, 70s or even 80s.

Thus, it becomes necessary that we should start not from today but from now onwards. We should make the schedule just like we have for our office or college or schools. The diet we are consuming nowadays is not that pure and healthy due to the changing environmental conditions. We can’t control the environmental change though, but we can definitely take few measures that can provide us healthy and pure food, in our lifestyle. This we have to start from the morning till the end of the day.

Taking few steps to boost immunity as follows:

  • Wake up early in the morning:

It’s popularly said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Waking up early makes muscles relax, stretches body, keeps eye clean and safe, improves taste buds of tongue, keeps brain sharp and active throughout the day.

  • Take adequate sleep:

Due to busy lifestyle nowadays, people hardly find time to take adequate hours of sleep. Sleep of 7hrs-8hrs is the essential requirement in order to keep the brain healthy and active.

The sleeping pattern must be consistent without any break in between, it will help in relaxation of complete mind and body.

  • Keep smartphones away from bed:

Once you are relaxed, keep the smartphones away which will hinder your sleep and will hit your muscles and brain unknowingly. The blue light emanating out of smartphones impacts badly as it restraints the production of Melatonin (a sleep control hormone). Thus, it’s time to ditch the smartphones.

  • Develop a hobby:

In order to avoid depression or anxiety, one must keep himself engaged in one or the other activities. The activities like reading newspaper, teaching kids, involving in healthy discussion, meditation, solving Rubik’s cube, learning new skills online and making others learn as well etc.

  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables:

Even though, our mandis, supermarkets consists of variety of fruits and vegetables, however, it becomes important to consume the fruits and vegetables that belongs to a particular season. Since the body needs different types of fruits which helps in protecting the body from a particular season. Thus, proper nutrition in a particular season makes the body attain all those required vitamins and minerals and tackle in overcoming seasonal flues.

  • Do exercise regularly:

As proper diet plays important role in providing energy to the body, similarly exercising regularly helps body in absorption of nutrition completely with improvement in heart-rate. People who are suffering from issues of blood pressure tend to get tired soon due to which they take bed-rest. Rather, they must improvise their heart-rate by regular workout-sessions. It will help in obtaining right amount of oxygen in the veins which in turn will reach the brain and keep the balance of body well-maintained.

  • Be positive all the time:

Every one of us like to remain positive mentally. However, we end up getting exhausted on small-easy to tackle issues. We are sometimes skeptical about expressing our thoughts to few people, with a doubt of getting negative response from them. In this situation one must remain calm and positive in a sense, considering yourself superior in expression and letting yourself open up to the fullest. It also happens most of the time that we remain physically present in a celebration but mentally absent from that place. It’s because we have a negativity around us which is not allowing us to manage being there. Thus, attend only the events where you have a positive atmosphere with positive people surrounding you.

  • Consume food at proper time:

Indians, usually are engulfed into a habit of consuming extra for taste. This extra consumption can harm their body unknowingly, as after the completion of food of prescribed time, if body doesn’t allow to take more and in this situation if taste given a high priority then, it can make the organ functionaries malfunction. Just like if a boat is constructed to make only a specific number of people to accommodate, otherwise if it exceeded the limit then the boat may capsize. Similarly, one must consume considering the capacity of your stomach. Second important thing is, with respect to the TIME. Consuming food with sufficient time gap helps in complete absorption of Vitamins and Minerals in the body and it also prevent the issues of Constipation, acidity, gastro-intestinal disorders etc.

  • Fix a time for junk-food;

No one in this lifestyle of 21st Century is barred from consuming any type of Junk. More than once, every one of us have consumed small to large quantity of fast-foods due to many reasons such as for mood-refreshness or at any occasion or due to paucity of time because of busy schedule. However, this junk cannot be avoided but can be controlled by bringing into effect the consumption of Green Tea. This will help in balancing your diet with the right beverage morning and evening.

  • Switch to low salt and low sugar:

There are people who are obsessed on adding extra salt in any meal. This salt intake can increase the chance of cardiovascular diseases. Research says, adults must consume less than 5 grams of salt per day. Otherwise it can lead to accumulation of fat in the middle of the body, high salt intake retains more water and doesn’t allow water to shed due to which body starts gaining lot of weight and performs lethargic.

The high intake of sugar can lead to headaches, inflammation, low energy levels, exertion, obesity etc. Though sugar tastes good, but the processed sugar is harmful to the body and it must be consumed cautiously in our diet. For taste, one can switch to Jaggery, which will not only quench your sweet- cravings but will also help in regulating your blood pressure.

Due to the pandemic situation around the world, it has become essential for everyone of us to take healthy diet and switch to a healthy mode of lifestyle for tackling future epidemics. However, an easy solution one can opt for is to bring into their routine some special ready to drink beverages, one such option is – GreenFit Green Tea. This greentea is available in 6 flavors with an addition of a herbal drink (Desi Kadah). The flavors of Greenfit are listed below:

  1. Tulsi
  2. Mint
  3. Masala
  4. Lemon Honey
  5. Jasmine
  6. Natural Green Tea
  7. Vitality (Kadah)

The unique characteristics of Greenfit Greentea cups is:

  1. Refillable
  2. Convenient
  3. Hygienic

Just Pour Hot water and your cup of healthy green tea is ready…..

You may refill the cup up to 3 times within 8 hrs. for maximum health benefits.

Greenfit Green Tea is infused in …


·Wax free;

·Adhesive Free, and

·Refillable paper…. Cups…

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