Mint flavored green tea is your perfect alternative to regular tea. A blend of mint with green tea has many health benefits including boosting immunity, relieving stress and headaches, ensuring focus, fighting inflammation, clearing skin and supporting healthy digestion. Mint green tea increases the body metabolism, helps in burning the calories and cutting down the body fat. Good news for all you weight-conscious freaks out there! One of the major health benefits of mint is that it balances the body’s PH levels and is an excellent remedy for bloating and water retention as it enhances the blood flow. So, begin your day on a healthy note with a refreshing scent!

Jasmine tea is high in dietary fibre and protein. It is ideal for treating heart attacks and cardiovascular problems. It prevents psychological disorders, and cancer. It controls diabetes, cough and cold by fighting bacteria. It supports the digestive system, provides anti-aging properties, and also regulates circulation of the blood.
Jasmine green tea is sure to leave you with a calm and positive effect and keep you stress- free!

Green tea lovers are in for a healthy surprise with the new Tulsi flavoured Green Tea. Holy basil, commonly known as Tulsi in India, is considered as a tonic for the body, mind and spirit. One cup of tea a day relieves stress, anxiety and inflammation. It is also antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and analgesic in nature. Tulsi Green Tea is one of the best superfoods available to us and it is extremely rich in Vitamin A, C and K, calcium and zinc.
So, it’s time to brew some happiness in a teacup! Say hello to good health and a fresh mind and body by bringing home the Tulsi green tea.

Lemon and honey is a popular combination and a favourite among tea lovers! What’s even better when the two are mixed with green tea! Their blend with green tea is best for reducing fat content from the body. Lemon honey green tea brings along several health benefits. It increases peristalsis, relieves constipation, helps in detoxification of the body owing to the presence of glutathione, that also reduces signs of aging and helps to get rid of morning breath.
Time for you too refresh and detoxify your senses by brewing that perfect cup!

Licorice Root or mulethi green tea is a twist for the green tea drinkers. A tea made with mulethi is known to be extremely beneficial for treating throat infections. It has been in use since ancient times in Indian Ayurveda as well as in Chinese medicine. The medicinal property of mulethi is mainly because of the presence of powerful phytochemicals. It is also known to offer relief from various other health conditions including depression, cancer, sore throats, assorted infections, ulcers, skin rashes, liver disorders, menopausal issues to name a few. The natural sweet flavor provides a characteristic difference from other flavors and can be used by diabetics too. This is a stress relieving and vitalizing tea with great aroma and taste.

Relax and enjoy a fragrant, soothing cup of this mulethi tea. Having a cuppa tea was never so refreshing!

vitality greenfit green tea

Vitality is an exclusive collection by Greenfit with a bunch full of antioxidants. It is free from caffeine unlike other teas & is rich in micronutrients that boosts immunity, improves digestion, fights cold, reduces inflammation, & relieves stress & anxiety. Its powerful antioxidants and nutrients nourish the body in numerous many ways.

So here is a cup of brewed herbs for you! Cheers to good health!