The goal of working out is to gain an overall optimum energy while maintaining a healthy body.
Honestly, hitting the gym is just half the battle because the other half is actually tailoring your choice of foods and fluids, both pre and post working out. But if you can’t seem to lose the required weight or put on more muscle, it’s probably because you were too exhausted to keep a track on your meals.
Chances are, the problem isn’t your fitness routine, it’s what on your plate.
When should one have green tea? Is it good to have it after a workout session? Certain questions that we all have in our mind to which the answer is YES! Consuming a cup of green tea after a workout is really very beneficial for your health.
Here’s why green tea is considered as a powerhouse fluid post workout.

  • Boosts your metabolism: this is one of the major benefits of having green tea after exercise. Strong metabolism is the key to good health. Once your metabolism gets kicked you start burning more calories. A faster metabolism helps you burn more during a workout and allows you to eat more – guilt free!
  • Won’t add more calories: while you work out, you lose a certain amount of calorie. Green tea can be the perfect choice to rebuild your stamina without adding anymore calories to your body. And these said calories don’t even come from fat! They are easily burned too.
  • It relaxes you – a lot: after exercising your heartbeat increases. Having green tea can relax you down.
  • Helps to burn fat: green tea also has ingredients that help you break down fat which is necessary for it to be burned.
  • It balances your sugar levels: green tea is beneficial for diabetic patients. Once you exercise your energy drain out. Having green tea makes it possible to keep your energy level stable and sugar level controlled.
  • It has incredible other benefits which include detoxification of the body, enhances calm, boosts memory and burns calories. It keeps you refreshed for whole day and gives you energy which will boost your immune system.
  • Antioxidants in green tea help boost the body’s immunity and also reduce muscle damage caused by the exercise.
  • Green tea also contains some amount of caffeine which helps you boost energy levels.

While there are numerous benefits of drinking green tea post workout, there are also just as great pre workout.
Just like super foods, you need to make sure that you include the right kind of super fluids in you post workout meals to stay well hydrated and active.
You should keep yourself hydrated enough after an intense workout as there are chances of getting dehydrated faster after that.
However it is advised not to drink green tea if you exercise at night. Its caffeine content might prevent you from sleeping and you will be able to put your body at ease.
Green tea can be a great addition to the fitness enthusiast’s arsenal. Nowadays every other weight loss product in the market has stuck some green tea extract on their ingredient list. So why benefit from supplementing this way rather directly using the plant’s full potential.
Staying fit is possible and easy if you have green tea after every workout!
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Health Benefits of green tea

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