Sugar in our diet- Good or Bad?

“Taste is nothing but a delicate Good Sense”, as it’s widely quoted. However, whether taste really matters nowadays, where we have every 8th person issues of chronic diseases, this can expand in the near future as well.

We are entering into a world of health-conscious population from wealth-conscious population. The increasing dynamism in health illnesses is making international organizations such as WHO worried for future generations. The investment today on health will provide the returns for tomorrow. This can be achieved with everyday efforts in making oneself aware about his/her own body. The more aware you are about you, your body, your diet, your environment, the more healthier and happier you will be. Increasing sugar intake makes a person feel better, happier from within, whenever there arrives any good news people prefer to offer sweets to their loved ones. But does that sweetness is really good enough for making everyone feel happy? Is there only sweetness found in sweets, can it not be in our behavior, in our lifestyle improvement which can make us feel happier at the same time feel sweet rather tasting sweet?

When there’s so much confusion in feeling sweet and tasting sweet, then probably there are reasons such as:

  1. Sugar can cause weight gain:

There’s a craze amongst you to date their loved ones and spend lot of time in beverage shops consuming lot of tea or coffee a day. This may improvise your relationship but the latent side can make you gain lot of calories unknowingly. These calories will pay will you badly and can then impact your relationship in the long run. So, if one is diet conscious, then he/ she should devote solely to the regular healthy diet he/she is consuming and must not compromise at any point of stage. Because people are temporary but you and your health is permanent in your life which will impact you alone.

  • Risk of Type-2 diabetes increases:

The number of diabetic people in India has increased to 65 million in 2016 from 26 million in 1990 according to a report released by Ministry of Health and Family affairs. Worldwide, China is the country with the highest number of diabetes patients with around 116 million people. It is predicted that by 2045 India will become the country with 134 million people suffering from Diabetes especially Type-2 diabetes. This number can be achieved even one decade before the predicted time. It is essential to bring positive change in our lifestyle from now onwards by following few simple steps such as decreasing the amount of sweetened-sugar from our diet, switching to alternatives such as Green Tea and Herbal drink, exercising regularly, consuming food in instalments instead of eating bulk in one go.

  • Increasing risk of Liver:

Intake of sugar in the form of Fructose excessively may lead to overloading of fructose affecting functioning of liver. The fructose is converted into energy and stored as glycogen in liver. We have only one liver not like two kidneys and if the liver gets malfunctioned it can lead to sudden death without signs of illness shown. Thus, keep your liver healthy by consuming star fruit, Sapota, blueberries etc. Include Green tea in your beverages options in order to curb the craving for sugary-beverages.

  • Shows early ageing signs and other skin problems:

Lot of people might think how can sugar causes skin problems, so there’s an answer that once you consume sugary-diet, it leads to increase in insulin levels which in turn causes production of oil and a burning sensation in skin resulting into issues of acne on your skin. Due to sugar intake, collagen and elastin get damaged and causes skin to sag even before your natural-ageing process to start.

  • Impacts brain:

Brain is the most important human-organ, it needs attention everytime. A normal headache can cause irritation whole day. Your work may get affected if you are not able to focus or use your brain to the maximum capacity. Sugar is also linked to brain-malfunctioning, it can terribly slow down its functions and lead to person falling in trauma. The high levels of sugar in your food can lead to brain disorders such as Dementia, depression, memory impairment, tension, decreased cognition etc. Brain should remain active in order to deal with every day’s task and for that you need to simply not depend on secretion of dopamine after eating sugary-foods but should keep your conscience in control and opt for healthy diet with the inclusion of Green Tea on a regular basis.

There are many ways in which one can hold control over cravings and transform into a healthy well-being. The availability of various green tea in the market is a great cause of concern, but it’s the individual’s discretion which he can enjoy to select the best eco-friendly green tea. One such available product is GreenFit Green tea and herbal drink, available in 7 Flavors. This drink will not only help in controlling your sugar intake but will also release dopamine of satisfaction to keep you happy and healthy at the same time.

The 7-flavors of GreenFit are as follows:

  1. Tulsi
  2. Mint
  3. Masala
  4. Lemon Honey
  5. Jasmine
  6. Natural Green Tea
  7. Vitality (Kadah)

The unique characteristics of GreenFit Greentea cups is:

  1. Refillable
  2. Convenient
  3. Hygienic

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You may refill the cup up to 3 times within 8 hrs. for maximum health benefits.

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