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Remarkable Product to start with, it is a game changer in the beverage industry. The product transmits utmost convenience, and relinquishes the need for tea bags. Great thought and hard work is put into making this product, which speaks for itself.

Payal Mehta, GM, China Airlines

I was happy to connect with the promoter of GreenFit and found the product to be innovative as well as very convenient. We have introduced it in our offices and people have liked it for the health benefits as well as the aroma and taste, it brings. I wish them well for their continuous innovations and quality standards.

Shri O. P. Rajghariya, CMD, Overnite Express

Outstanding Innovation. I have always been a fanatic of Green Tea, but due to my On-the-Go schedule, I always found myself missing Green Tea due to the hassle of dip-dip tea. Green Fit Green Tea is an opportune to this problem. The taste and aroma of the tea has not been compromised for the concept. I would highly recommend Green Fit Green Tea. Be Fit.. Green Fit

Ms. Elena Kazan, Bollywood Actress
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