The Best Drink for Menstrual Cramps

The Best Drink for Menstrual Cramps

Cramps? Green tea. Bad mood? Green tea. Can’t focus on that really boring meeting that you don’t care about anyway? Green tea. The health benefits are plenty. Yes that’s a thing. It’s time to get your green tea on.
We get it: menstrual cramps and PMS can be a real drag for women to deal with and not to mention super painful too especially on the first day. Luckily you can fight with a healthy diet. Yes it’s true! You can eat and drink your way to less painful cramps.
Periods can turn our regular diets upside down. We may have cravings for sugary treats or many of us won’t feel like eating much at all. Though what about drinks? What impact do they have on periods and do they have a part to play in helping you through your period? Let’s have a look at it .

  • Water: when it’s said and done water is one of the best remedies for menstrual cramps. While most people think water is the enemy during this time when you are full of water weight, drinking water actually helps retain it. Most importantly it keeps you hydrated.
  • However going for and ice cold glass or bottle may not be the trick. Shoot for hot or warm water because your body can use it immediately without having to heat it up. This means you get the benefits of it straight away rather than having to wait a while.
  • If you are need of a hot drink during your cycle, before you reach for coffee, try green tea!
  • Green tea is normally associated with preventing heart diseases, aiding in weight loss and sometimes considered to be helpful in preventing cancer.
  • You can drink up to 2 to 3 cups of green tea daily, but not exceed more than 2 cups during menstruation.
  • Green tea not only helps soothe cramps and promote blood flow. It helps curb caffeine craving. And CAFFIENE and CRAMPS DO NOT MIX!
  • On the top of the soothing effect green tea is loaded with antioxidants and will help keep you hydrated.
  • Green tea helps boost your metabolism being rich in antioxidants.
  • Consuming green tea is also advantageous due to its low caffeine content and hence it will not meddle much during menstruation.
  • Having said that, you should also know that green tea contains tannins that bind to iron and inhibits its absorption in the body. However it doesn’t reduce the iron levels already present in the body.
  • Just make sure that you take in some iron rich foods such as spinach, soups and dates etc.
  • Presence of tannins in green tea is slightly lower than coffee, hence beneficial.

For girls who aren’t lucky enough to really glide through their periods, it becomes very important to look at ways to cope with it and reduce those soul-crushing menstrual cramps.
Because it’s something that happens every month, it makes sense if all women have a few do-it-yourself tips and tricks up their sleeves to get through those days.
A cup of green tea makes everything better!

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