Why Greenfit Green Tea Cups? How are they different ?

Why Greenfit Green Tea Cups? How are they different ?

With everyone around the globe loving green tea, the next big question common among all green tea drinkers is deciding and choosing the tea ware that is most suitable to use. 
Green tea is loaded with a great deal of proven benefits which makes it the most preferred beverages of the time. 
If you are searching for a perfect tea ware for green tea here is the answer: 
Greenfit green tea cups, the most convenient, safe, refillable and eco-friendly teaware. 
Since, the time of inception Greenfit is dedicated to bring only organic and natural  green tea ,leaves intact with natural aroma and nutrients. We are  keen to provide our customers with the absolute best and wholesome green tea sessions every time. We launched Greenfit green tea cup that instantly brews the leaves to perfection. ( Gratitude to mother earth –save water )
A thoughtful innovation that spells comfort and sophistication, Greenfit green tea cup is made up of high quality infuser and food grade materials making it an essential in your everyday green tea sessions.
Here are a few reasons why you should pick up Greenfit tea cup, and what makes it so unique. 

  •  Wax and adhesive freeGreenfit green tea cups contain no kinds of synthetics and toxins making it completely safe to pour hot water in the cups. No harmful ingredient are included in the formation of the cup.
  • BiodegradableTaking care of mother nature and with our utmost gratitude, we are dedicated to only use biodegradable materials. The green tea cups are completely eco-friendly and possess no threat to health and to the environment around us.
  • Food grade infusion layerOur green tea cup is not an ordinary cup as it contains an attached food grade membrane layer called infuser that does all the work. It ensures maximum nutrition is derived from green tea. The membrane layer holds leaves in place allowing the drinker to experience only pure and finest tea sips.
  • Natural alternative to tea bagsTea bags have always posed safety concerns. Indeed, tea bags contain toxins, pesticides and plastic. Tea bags are also bleached with chlorine to give it a white hue. Greenfit green tea cup is the best alternative to avoid intake of any such toxins.
  • Lead and odor free printThe print on the paper cup is also taken into consideration. It is free from lead and artificial odor making it completely safe.
  • ConvenienceYou can stock up green tea cups into your kitchen cabinets or office pantry. when needed simply pour in hot water and green tea is ready to serve.
  • Instant brewingOur green tea cups are handy and easy to use. They are ideal to carry outdoors, on holidays, while travelling or even for everyday use. The cups instantly brew the tea once the hot water is poured into it. Endorsing these cups ensure hassle-free work and getting green tea on the go.
  • Refillable cup  – You can refill the cup easily 2-3 times before discarding it. The attached infuser layer ensures the nutrients from the leaves are extracted fully. Making tea a few times, hence, will help to achieve full nutritional supply from the leaves.
  • Leaves need space to steepThe membrane in our cups ensures aroma and nutrients.
  • HygienicMaking green tea in Greenfit cup is absolutely hygienic and can be done with no-touch mechanism.

With all these benefits your green tea session with Greenfit green tea cup will be a lot healthier and tastier than ever before.

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