Why We Should Strictly Say NO to Tea Bags!

Why We Should Strictly Say NO to Tea Bags!

Many of us use tea bags and we find it the most convenient way to enjoy our cup of tea. Yes, it is easier and convenient to prepare tea using a tea bag and it may also taste good. But, do you ever ask yourself that using a tea bag, are we actually providing our body a healthy cup of tea with its maximum health benefits?

 Let us understand how and in what ways tea bags can actually be harmful to us. Read on to get a full picture for you to understand why we should say a clear NO to tea bags.

1. Paper Tea Bags: Consists of Pesticides and Toxins

Paper tea bags are often treated with Epichlorohydrin, which is a compound used as a pesticide and a material that prevents the tea bag from breaking. Epichlorohydrin becomes active when it comes in contact with hot water, and releases toxins in that hot water. Continuous use of such tea bags can lower your immunity, can cause stomach problems, lead to infertility, and increase the risk of cancer. So think twice before you add a tea bag to that hot water!

2. Plastic Tea Bags: Yes! Its True…

Many of you must be amazed to know that several companies in the market fool you by selling tea bags made up of plastic that might otherwise appear to be like paper. Putting a plastic tea bag in a cup of hot water will break down the plastic which will release its chemicals in that cup of tea. The more you use these plastic tea bags, the more these chemicals will be harmful to your body. Multiple steeping of the same tea bag is especially harmful as it further adds more chemicals to your body.

3. Chlorine Bleached Tea Bags

The tea that you buy in the market is wrapped in white colored tea bags. This white color appears with the use of chlorine. The white paper used for making tea bags is a result of intensive chemical processes. The paper is bleached with chlorine and is then used for making the tea bags. When you add this chlorine-bleached tea bag to your hot cup of water, chlorine and the other chemicals used are released into the hot water. Consistent use of chlorine-bleached tea bags is an increased risk to our health.

4. Tea Leaves Are Not Washed Before Use

During the agriculture of tea leaves, different types of pesticides and chemicals are sprayed on the tea crops by the farmers. Tea leaves should be washed properly before putting into a tea bag. But many companies do not follow that process. They put the leaves inside the tea bags without washing them. As a result, these leaves release harmful chemicals in your cup of tea that can lead to several health issues.

5. Tea Leaves Need Space to Steep

Tea leaves need room to steep properly so that their flavor, aroma, and benefits can be released to the fullest. Unfortunately, tea bags do not provide this. Tea bags prevent the proper steeping of tea leaves due to which they are unable to provide us with its maximum benefits.

6. You Have No Idea What is there in Your Tea Bag!

 Tea Bags are adulterated in different ways. Many companies use tea dust inside the tea bags in place of tea leaves so as to reduce the cost. They might also use the powdered form of leaves to provide color to green tea.

Further, in terms of the flavor of green tea, companies try to fool the consumer in different ways. They use artificial colors, spray aromas, and artificial flavoring agents in green tea bags. Artificial flavors are often used to provide intense aroma and flavor to the green tea, which can be harmful to the human body.

Always remember that the original flowers or herbs used in green tea are in their dried form. So they may not give you a strong aroma or flavor, but they will definitely provide you with maximum health benefits. Therefore, intense aroma and flavor cannot be achieved by natural flowers, fruits, and herbs.

7. Tea Bags are a Disaster to Our Environment

 Tea bags that are made up of plastic or paper are nothing but an added waste to our environment. Plastic, as we are all aware of, is one of the reasons behind this. Also, the chemicals used in the tea industry are non-biodegradable and they pollute our environment. The chemical sprayed tea leaves, the plastic-laden tea bags, the bleached paper tea bags, and another such fancy tea packaging actually adds a lot of non-biodegradable waste to our environment.

At GreenFit, we ensure that we do not harm our Mother Earth in any of the ways. Hence we provide you with biodegradable Green Tea Cups and ensure your health safety by providing you with chemical and plastic free Green Tea Cups. It is an initiative towards a healthy living without any harm!

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